Natural Attraction

What is the 6th Sense?

From Lobsters to Butterflies to Humans. Pheromones are the chemical triggers
that make the world go around.

That Lobster dinner would not exist without Pheromones. As reported in the N.Y. Times Science section, one of the few things we know about lobsters is that they reproduce by using Pheromones to attract their mate.

We know that a Butterfly will fly vast distances when it gets a sense of its unique Butterfly Pheromone calling it to mate.

The Human Pheromone Project is the only patented source of Human pheromones.

The human equivalent of those other “species specific” pheromones. All Natural Attraction Products contain these pheromones None contain any animal pheromones.

Using the latest scientific knowledge Natural Attraction has produced a group of products that takes advantage the newest technology.

A fragrance line that has isolated the differences in human behavior. Natural Attraction products are designed for various consumer groups.

We offer products for, Men-Women-Latino and gay consumers. Simply go to “Shop” to get details about each product and see our special offers.