Natural Attraction


  • Since the Company's technology is patented in the United States and other major markets around the world, this precludes others from incorporating these mood-enhancing substances in their products without the Company's expressed approval.
  • As such no other company can use the Company's patented technology - they may quote our scientists on their sites but are basically selling you animal pheromones that just don't work on humans.
  • More reputable companies have chosen to enhance their products by using our technology under Licensing Agreements with the company.
  • Hundreds of millions of dollars of product have been sold to consumers around the world by several of the Company's licensees, including Avon Products Corporation.
  • In addition, licensees and distributors outside the United States are selling in their home markets their own branded products with pheromones licensed from the Company, or acting as distributors for the Company's Natural Attraction® line of fine fragrances and toiletries.
  • The Company is also working with some of the leading Fragrance Companies in the world to further expand the use of its proprietary technology.
  • For further information regarding licensing or distributorship opporutinities, please contact