Natural Attraction

The Science of Pheromones

Human Pheromones – chemical signals that naturally
affect human attraction.

Independent studies conducted at leading universities worldwide have shown that these odorless compounds have a profound effect on human behavior.

The newest research has shown that not only do these human pheromones exist, but they are gender specific: heterosexual men and women and homosexual men respond differentially to them.

Starting in 1989, Company scientists began intensive research as to the effect of compounds isolated and reproduced them in their laboratories at the University of Utah.

And what did these studies show?
Increased levels of confidence and well being; greater levels of feeling good about oneself; a sense of being more “in control” of their emotions. Men and women in these broad- based scientific studies just absolutely felt better about themselves and projected these feelings to others. In other words, they enhanced their basic natural attraction.

These scientists also found that these naturally occurring compounds affected the hypothalamus and other emotional centers of the human brain - the primordial areas of the brain that control basic drives and emotions such as comfort and attraction.


The work of these scientists was rewarded by the grant of patents in the United States and other major countries around the world.

While it took more than ten years for other scientists to begin to duplicate the studies on humans performed by the Company’s scientists, the results were not only confirmed but advanced at leading research centers, such as Stanford University, the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Chicago, the Karolinska Institute and other renowned institutions.

No other company in the United States or elsewhere has conducted the research, has been granted worldwide patents or has been developed a product line that incorporates this ground-breaking technology.

No other company on the internet can make these claims – they don’t have the research, they don’t have the patents, they don’t have years of scientific study!