Natural Attraction

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Pheromone?
A pheromone is an odorless chemical messenger given off by one person that effects someone of the opposite sex. Human Pheromones are naturally occuring molecules, made in the skin, that 'float' off into the air and effect those around us.

Q: How do humans detect Pheromones?
When a pheromone is sensed by a human, they are odorless, a direct message is sent to the brain by a seperate neural pathway. It is referred to as "The Sixth Sense". Smell is detected by the olfactory, pheromones work by affecting the hypothalamus, or the emotion center of the brain

Q: How is Natural Attraction different from other fragrances that claim to contain to contain pheromones?
Natural Attraction products contain patented Human Pheromones, while others use only animal pheromones such as Musk or Deer. Pheromones are gender specific and animal pheromones have no effect on humans.

Q: Do men and women respond to the same pheromones?
No. The pheromones that trigger emotional reactions in men have no effect on women. Natural Attraction has created separate product lines for Men, Women and Gay Men, each of which have specific pheromones that trigger the desired responses.

Q: Do we give off pheromones naturally?
Yes. We are all communicating with each other all the time. Because of changing cultural habits, daily showers, clothing that cover most of our bodies, we have lost the effect of a great deal of the natural pheromones. By using Natural Attraction products we replace the lost pheromones and reconnect, chemically with the opposite sex, just as nature intended.